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ArtsAI’s AI personalization is the assembly of messages (video, audio, text, and display) to best match with the person receiving the message. ArtsAI’s automatic audience clustering and cohort analysis learns the right message to deliver to each person's profile.

ArtsAI’s technology can optimize from hundreds, or even thousands of message combinations in milliseconds.

ArtsAI has an easy to follow process to help marketer's and agencies generate the content and set up your first several campaigns.

ArtsAI’s AI automatically learns which combination of message features produce the best business results.

Contact us to see our benchmark norms and calculate the upside you are likely to experience.

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Connected TV, audio
& podcast personalization

CTV/OTT, streaming audio & podcasts are rapidly growing channels offering outstanding opportunities for marketers. ArtsAI’s video and audio creative authoring tools make it easy to quickly create engaging multivariate video and audio creative. ArtsAI’s AI streaming server, supporting the latest VAST/VPAID standards lets you take advantage of the most powerful storytelling medium ever created. And finally, ArtsAI's powerful attribution solution allows marketers to calculate ROI from CTV, audio, and podcast campaigns.

Omni channel cross
platform attribution

ArtsAI has attribution built into the AI. Every impression, even those not clicked, are measured to determine their influence on a marketer‘s key performance indicator, such as sales. ArtsAI provides daily and real-time reporting for transparency of attribution. This reporting also provides valuable opportunities for discovering insightful patterns of effective marketing.

Finally… Audio Measurement Across All Channels

Single cookieless measurement solution for all your audio campaigns activated with one ad tag: streaming audio, podcast, and terrestrial broadcast radio conversion tracking & attribution.

Attribution includes AI Boost

Uncovers how to increase ROI through targeting and creative optimization
  • Provides incrementality lift measurement
  • Provides predictive targeting recommendations
  • Illustrates potential ROI lift from predictive personalization of creative

Some marketers choose to get started with ArtsAI by turning on attribution for Web site and in-app conversions as a first step. By simply including ArtsAI Tags with digital advertisements, reporting will flow automatically for each message without changing any message delivery. The reporting shows both attribution of a marketer’s existing advertisements and the predicted benefit of turning on AI Personalization. Last touch, multi-touch, same platform, cross-platform, and detailed insights reporting are offered with ArtsAI attribution.

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Advanced real time
analytics & insights

ArtsAI’s reporting platform and advanced analytics provide advertisers with
a comprehensive view of the customer journey and surfaces actionable insights.

Smart ad serving platform

ArtsAI’s platform includes an AI-driven ad server for video, audio and display, with patented proprietary features that enable personalization. With smart decisioning that considers not only the first and third party data available about the audience, but also the ad serving context such as local time, device type, past engagement and purchase, location and much more — to make incisive creative decisions more likely to earn the user’s attention.

Unlike other ad servers, ArtsAI is able to learn and optimize across and between channels utilizing ArtsAI cross platform attribution. So what happens in display, video, CTV, or anywhere else, informs your creative for the entire campaign, not just the silo in which it was served.

AI Boost From ArtsAI

AI Boost is an addition to Attribution, and uncovers specific ways to increase conversions. AI analyzes expanding reach, culling low performing targets, applying AI Personalization. For example, ArtsAI’s automatic audience clustering and cohort analysis learns the likely upside for applying AI Personalization, which averages 50% better conversion alone. Applying insights from AI Boost related to targeting and expansion can further increase results.

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