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Create personalized real-time communication with your customers at every step of the consumers digital journey with our patent-pending machine learning technology. We process millions of data inputs every millisecond to discover hidden high value patterns.

Our technology is designed to enhance performance, tracking and attribution with every interaction

Create personalized real-time communication with your customers at every step of the consumers digital journey with our patent-pending machine learning technology. We process millions of data inputs every millisecond to discover hidden high value patterns.

Multivariate, Multimedia Content Builder

Multivariate Content Builder lets you create stunning video, audio, and animated display ads in minutes. It leverages dozens of existing ad templates, new templates can be also easily added. You can build ads from existing assets, stock images or from advertiser website. Multivariate Content Builder can be used as a pre-sales, sales, or campaign launch tool. This cloud based solution can be accessed from anywhere anytime and has built-in scalability.

You can upload images, audio and video, take screenshots of web pages, apply effects and add animations:

  • Create and edit your rich media, audio and video ads
    Start from scratch or choose one of the library templates. Just add animations, interactive elements and powerful Call-To-Actions.
  • Add variations to your creative
    Each element of the creative can have multiple variations – video assets, visual effects, music, sounds and animations.
  • Target specific audiences
    You can set up targeting, linking variations to specific geographical locations or shopping items, customize and personalize elements of your creative.
  • Enable Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
    You can enable ML-Powered DCO and let it optimize variations of the creative. DCO will automatically determine which variations attract more people’s attention and link them to audiences to reach the right consumers.

Machine Learning Cross-Platform Attribution

The Artsai Pixel is an identification system that cross-references advertising impressions with user conversion events. Pixel supports direct conversion attribution of single device events, as well as cross-device attribution. The cross-device attribution is a major requirement for this class of systems as more than 90% of users move between different devices within the same day.

Artsai cross-device matching technology employs probabilistic attribution and machine-learning to predict and identify possible cross-device transitions.

  • Track every channel to see where consumer come from
    Find out which channels perform best – mobile devices, web & mobile web, in-app ads, connected speakers or TV.
  • Artsai Identity Graph
    Comprehensive Identity Graph delivers high probability and accurate multi-touch attribution across multiple devices and platforms for the publisher’s advertisers.
  • Conversion matching and attribution
    Conversion Matching and Attribution uses both deterministic and probabilistic methodologies. Deterministic – when known customer information is available or, in the absence of data, probabilistic approach is employed to identify and attribute right devices.
  • Customizable parameters
    To best fit your campaign’s goals, custom attribution windows are provided, including separate settings for click and impression attribution.

ML-Powered Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is a technology that optimizes and serves the ad creative elements that are most likely to drive the desired conversion event or click for each ad impression. Using DCO, advertisers can set higher budgets to scale high-performing campaigns. DCO ads typically outperform static ads 2-3 times.

DCO leverages and optimizes every possible element of the ad, including, but not limited to:

  • Image background or template
  • Call-to-action
  • Headlines
  • Button colors
  • Animations
  • Offers
  • And more!

The process of creative optimization is closely related to audience segmentation and includes a decomposition process that evolves as the campaign matures. Starting with high-level creative elements at the beginning of the campaign, it breaks the creative further and further into sub-elements as soon as statistically significant data becomes available.

The ultimate goal is to choose the dominant fine-grained creative variation for each user audience.

ML-Powered Audience Segmentation & Targeting

ML-Powered audience segmentation is an important part of the creative optimization process, the ultimate goal is to find audience clusters with similar performance towards desired conversion criteria.

Actual segmentation algorithms employ ML technologies, taking consumer, contextual and historical sets of features as an input and producing groups of user audiences:

  • Consumer features
    This set includes any demographic data available. It is well known that age, gender, personal interests and more – is of great importance in the ad serving.
  • Contextual features
    Contextual features include information about user devices, like brand, resolution and operating system. Time factors such as time of day and day of the week. Even the weather can be an important factor for ad serving.
  • Historical features
    Statistical (or historical) performance of the campaign is also very important factor for ad serving and is used in audience segmentation.

Real-Time Self-Service Ad Platform

The Self-Service Ad Platform provides you with all the necessary tools for creating, displaying and optimizing your ads. Create awesome rich media ads, set up audience targeting and go live in minutes using the convenient user-friendly dashboard.

Choose the desired KPIs, enable Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and automatically show the best-performing creative variation for each audience. Real-time insights reporting allows to monitor campaigns and gather learnings from the day of launch.

Choose your KPIs, enable Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and automatically find the best-performing creative variation for each audience. Insights & Analytics let you track campaigns and collect information from launch day.

  • Ads can be served in the form of dynamic tags or via RTB.
  • Both forms leverages DCO technology to optimize creative variations.
  • RTB also employs state-of-the-art conversion prediction algorithms to optimize bid prices as well as budget-pacing techniques.

Automated Insights & Analytics

Automated Insights & Analytics is a place where the full power of your data is revealed. Information about all the elements of the technological stack, including campaign performance, conversion tracking, dynamic data optimization and much more, is collected into detailed reports.

  • Real-time insights allow to monitor campaigns and gather learnings from the day of launch.
  • Analytics is combined with creative visuals to tell a more compelling performance story.
  • Also available: hard data for Excel and PDF export and scheduled email delivery for traditional performance reporting.


Unlimited Scale

Access billions of consumers on programmatic exchanges, Facebook, networks and premium publishers

Adaptive Marketing

Adapt your marketing communications to customers at each stage of their digital journey.

Optimize Content

Generate personalized content in real time from hundreds of creative elements to adapt to each consumer.

Optimize Audience

Discover in real time your most responsive audience and automatically adapt targeting to this audience.

Optimize Inventory

Adapt your campaign to available inventory and maximize performance by optimizing bid price every digital moment.

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